About Dynamic Images

Dynamic Images provides a lot of the functionality of Imgix such as on the fly resizing, cropping and effects - but it's built into the plugin and doesn't require an external account with a service.

Imgix will always perform better and have better quality, but Dynamic Images fits the bill for sites that have less media or are smaller such as a personal blog or a one pager type site. Upgrading to Imgix is also a relatively seamless process, as is downgrading from Imgix.

With Dynamic Images you can:

  • Crop and size images on the fly. This is great for theme development or sites with frequent visual updates.
  • Add effects to images
  • Watermark images

While it's not necessary, Dynamic Images produces the best results when you have the php-imagick extension installed.

Performance Notes

For the best performance with Dynamic Images, you will want to keep the images you upload on your WordPress server by making sure the option Delete Uploaded Files is turned off in Cloud Storage settings.

When an image is requested, Media Cloud will perform the necessary manipulations, cache the result and then send the result to the end user. Subsequent requests for the same image will return the cached version. Therefore, the first request for an image is much slower than later requests will be. If you are deleting your uploads from your local server, Media Cloud will have to fetch the image from cloud storage before performing the image manipulations.

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