Dynamic Images Performance Settings

Cache Master Images

When Dynamic Images renders an image, it will first look for the master image on the local file system. If it can't be found, it will then copy the master image from cloud storage. Turning this option on will cache any images fetched from cloud storage to local storage.

Unless you are tight on disk space, there isn't any good reason to turn this option off.


This is the base URL for your CDN and when Media Cloud rewrites the URL for any dynamically generated images, it'll use this value to replace the default your site's host name.

For example, you might use CloudFlare to set up a cache at https://images.yourdomain.com/ that points to your webserver. You would then set the value of this setting to https://images.yourdomain.com/ and Media Cloud will rewrite all of your images to use this CDN host.

Cache TTL

This is the number of minutes to cache the rendered image in the user's browser. The default value of 525600 equates to 1 year.

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