Dynamic Images Image Settings

Lossy Image Quality

This is the default JPEG compression level (1-100) to use when generating resized, cropped or effected images.

Max. Image Width/Height

This value allows you to clamp the maximim image width and height for any generated images.

Convert PNG to JPEG

Turning this on will convert all PNG uploads to JPEGs.

Use Progressive JPEG

When rendering an image and the output is JPEG, turning this on will generate a progressive JPEG file.

Keep WordPress Thumbnails

Because Dynamic Images can dynamically create new sizes for existing images, having WordPress create thumbnails is potentially pointless, a probable waste of space and definitely slows down uploads. However, if you plan to stop using Dynamic Images, having those thumbnails on S3 or locally will save you having to regenerate thumbnails later. IMPORTANT: Thumbnails will not be generated when you perform a direct upload because those uploads are sent directly to S3 without going through your WordPress server.

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